Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wedding Pictures

Last weekend, I attended the wedding/s of one of my Kendo seniors. Was quite a packed weekend! Here are some pictures, cos I wasn't really in camera-whoring mode.

Pic 360: The church.

Pic 361: The hamsum bridegroom, looking smart in his No. 1.

Pic 362: Twinny and me.

Pic 363: Godspeed and me. Either he is taller than I thought, or my heels aren't as tall as I hoped.

Pic 364: Enginger and me, him being the melodramatic person that he is. He is about to attack a small cube of oreo cheesecake.

Pic 365: I love capturing people at awkward times. Enginger's drinking punch while Godspeed's chewing something.

That's all for the church wedding. After that, I went home to take my ez-link card, cos I forgot to bring it out, then went out with some friends. No pictures from there! I got like, the most terrible chafs from my new wedges. I'd take a picture of them, but I'm too lazy to walk out to the living room. Those shoes are KILLERS. And to think that I may potentially have to wear them and walk ten minutes to the school I'm posted to... *dies*

Had grading the next morning. After I was done, I asked Michael for permission to leave, and then rushed to Saizou's place with help from Enginger. Saizou's dog is really lazy, and so nuah. And it wants to be sayang so much... Tsk. Spoilt dog! But very cute larh. d= Got the results of my grading when I was at the wedding lunch, and I kaypoh-ed about people's results.

Pic 366: Peepee's ocifers. It's blurry cos the zoom on my camera is shit lousy.

After the lunch, me and Saizou went down to Borders to meet some of the Kendo people to walk walk. I bought a book, then we went to Taka to walk around. Had Mos Burger for dinner, and... I don't really remember what else we did.

Pic 368: Saizou and me! She has yet to send me her pictures. I taught her how to change exposure in her camera, and I would bet she's eternally grateful. Posted by Picasa


Hikoto said...

Ah..hope you moved up many many ranks, although likt your lastpost said, it's not that important. xD

heartw|sh* said...

hikoto:- haha hard to move so many many grades. moved up by two, so i'm 2nd kyu now.

t` said...

i still love your eyes!