Sunday, July 09, 2006


Sometimes when you hit a rough patch, you really want to just lie down and yell at the world. And the thing about it, no matter how many kind-hearted souls are out there, you'll just keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing them away. Sooner or later, they'll go away, and you'll say, "They never really cared anyway." Do these people who go away know that if they go, you'll really have no one left?

I am deeply grateful for Uncle Brown Nut who came all the way down early, even though his convocation was only at 2plus, and he even hung around helping me take pictures and holding my cameras and a whole lot of other boring shit. Out of all the people who said they would turn up, he's the only friend who actually bothered. Thanks, Uncle, you're always the best.

I am also thankful for my Baobei who came to school in a taxi because she didn't want to be late to meet me. She could have easily said that she'd be late, and take the mrt or bus down to save money, but she took a taxi down instead. Thank you for being the one other friend who came and took of picture with me in my gown.

Pictures to follow.

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