Sunday, July 16, 2006

Graduation - More Pictures (the only way I know)

Picture 290: Me and my brother.

Picture 291: Piggy Fren and her little soft toy.

Picture 292: Don't really recall why I was posing with this.

Picture 293: Me and the huge banner outside UCC.

Picture 294: Obligatory picture with the cardboard pieces the school set up behind UCC.

Picture 295: Acting hiao.

Picture 296: Moving on to the smaller board...

Picture 297: Ready? One... Two...

Picture 298: Three! Obligatory picture of graduate throwing mortar into the air. Cannot lose it in a crowd k; it's rented.

Picture 299: Moving back to the big board with a couple of balloons we filched from the ground.

Picture 300: Acting hiao again, posing on the steps. I say "acting", because we are really sweet people who aren't hiao in the least.

Picture 302: This is where we studied for a couple of maths exams, specifically MA2213 (I think).

Picture 303: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics).

Picture 304: A picture with Uncle, where I am not doing anything funny to him.

Picture 305: Bye bye, NUS. Posted by Picasa

If you're wondering why all the pictures have the same few people in them... Well, it's because they were the only people around to take so many pictures with.

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