Monday, August 14, 2006

Bunch of pictures

Took a few pictures over the last few weeks, but just didn't feel like updating. So here goes:

Celebrated my Baobei's birthday a few weeks ago. Went to Settler's Cafe at Katong, then headed to Hong Kong Cafe? I think that's the name, to have dinner/supper. My lovely girls waited with me for my bus before crossing the road to head home.

Picture 306: My Darling being coy.

Picture 307: Baobei being cute.

Picture 308: Me and the birthday girl.

Went for the Fireworks Festival on Friday. Parked at Esplanade. Omg, please don't park at Esplande unless you got lots of cash to spare, like those rich people who can spend a few hundred on drama productions. It's $4 an hour. I didn't get a lot of nice pictures, but I got a nice video. Too bad there's a tree right smack across my line of vision. Bo bian. Only got there around 8plus.

Picture 309: Fireworks...

Picture 310: Fireworks...

Picture 311: And more fireworks.

And finally, the pictures that some of you have been waiting for...

Picture 312: My new car. It's not second-hand.

Picture 313: I put two stuffed toys on each side. I used to get stuffed toys for my birthday, and I never knew what to do with them. So the other day, I threw them all into the washing machine, and then threw them into my car. The rabbit is from Jaime-san, the giraffe from someone I don't talk to anymore. On the other side are two bears, one Tatty Bear from Stas, and the blue one is the Science fac bear. Yes larh, I bought it larh. Support support ma.

Picture 314: Side view of my car. Btw, it's a Hyundai Getz 1.1M. Posted by Picasa

Btw, before you start saying, "Wah!! So rich ah! Buy car ah! Father-mother sponsership, right?" Let me tell you that although my mother encouraged me to get a car (because the journey to and from school is quite far), I am paying for the car myself. Petrol, road tax, season parking, cashcard top-ups, insurance, the whole works, I'm paying for it. And before you say, "Wah, earning so much ah!" Let me tell you that I'm not using the car for leisure. After paying for all of the above, where got money to go chiong?! Also, only one person actually intuitively got the intention of the car. I am quite surprised actually, that someone could actually understand the rationale of the car.


thatjedi said...

I was hoping you could modify Picture 313 to show your licence plate.

Who knows, I may get lucky. :)

chungchung said...

^O^ Well, thanks for the info on the parking charges at Esplanade. That explains why i don't drive to that area. Hehe.

Enjoy your new ride and the leather smell!

heartw|sh* said...

haha there's a reason why i didn't show my license plate number! i think my whole family went to buy it already. d=

hehe i'm enjoying it! so is my big red piggy!