Monday, July 10, 2006

Graduation - Pictures

Pic 369: Piggy Fren and me, and her little MashiMaro thingie.

Pic 270: Alex and me! Haven't seen him in a long long time.

Pic 271: Me and Daniel, also known as Piggy Fren's official photographer for the day.

Pic 272: Piggy Fren no have steady hands.

Pic 273: Kang and me. He flew back specially (not for me) from I-don't-know-where to be around for the after-ceremony.

Pic 274: Piggy Fren and me waving our scrolls about.

Pic 275: How come she no smile bright bright like me???

Pic 276: My bestest secondary school friend. Quick, she's still unattached, who wants her number?

Pic 277: Victor "High On Coffee" Cheng. I think he smiled so much that his face is permanently stuck on bug-eyed mode. He abandoned his gf for so long larh, the poor girl was just hanging around waiting for him. Lousy bf! *wags finger*

Pic 278: Another one of those silly Maths major/English Studies minor person. d= Met her in Sem1, and just kept ending up taking same modules with her.

Pic 279: Me and Uncle Brown Nut!!!! He looks constipated, as usual.

Picture 280: Me and the smartest girl I know. She is like, so smart. I like this picture, the lighting was just right.

Picture 281: The funny part about this photo is that we were both muttering under our breaths in Chinese, "Eh, hurry up can. Very hot, very hot!!! The sun shining on us, can hurry up or not!!!"

Picture 282: Bullying Uncle again.

Pic 283: And again. *jabs his stomach*

Pic 284: My beloved Baobei.

Pic 285: Both of us in our gowns!!! I completely forgot that we took a picture in our gowns!

Pic 286: I love this picture. Love you, Baobei!!!

Pic 287: Must bao bao!

Pic 288: Cannot forget to take picture of Uncle in his gown.

Pic 289: Class of 2006. Posted by Picasa


darren said...

you know? you always seem higher on this blog.

congrats, you graduated! i'm getting there.. um.. soon. =P

Hikoto said...

OMG! Like they really do wear gown and square hat thingy? LOL! I never knew. x.x I guess as I grew up, I stopped believing in those things. o.o

But whoa. I had an eye opener!

And congratulations on your graduation! <3

thatjedi said...

Congrats, hearty!

When you finish your PGDE, you'll wear the gown again, this time minus the head gear.

Anonymous said...

yay! i see estee in her grad gown! so nice. ^_^