Sunday, April 08, 2007

phantom of the opera

Remember this???

Image circa November 2006

Now look at this:

Collected the tickets about 3 weeks ago at PS. Loved the little ticket-holder that they put the tickets in.

So while photography was Not Allowed, I still managed to sneak some shots, like these:

Pic 364: Starting scene.

Pic 365: The chandelier, after it 'fell'.

Pic 366: Before the start of the second act.

And while I wasn't feeling generous enough to spend $25 on the programme booklet, Saizou did, so I took a photo of it, too:

Pic 367: $25 Phantom of the Opera Programme Booklet.

I also didn't realise that the tickets cost $162 EACH, and not $2 booking overall. Bloody sistic.

I'm sleepy and I need to do lots of work tmr to prepare for next week's lessons. I keep postponing training. This is not good. Haha. I'm also thinking how to talk to my bio ct. I'm scared of him. Haha.

I'm sleepy, and I will sleep now.

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