Monday, April 30, 2007

$$ fly away...

Just because I'm getting a bonus next month doesn't mean I can spend like I've been spending lately... I need to save money already. Bleah. Here's what I bought over the last few weeks:

Pic 376: Nike bag. My first one, I think. I usually don't buy bags like these, but it was too pretty to resist. And my colleague egged me to buy it. Thanks, T³. Haha.

Last Friday, I met up with some of the girls from my NIE class... Was great to catch up with them! Later walked around with Dawn, and I saw Estee Lauder products on sale. I've been planning to buy something from the label for quite a while now, so I got sucked in, and here's what I bought:

Pic 377: Non-descript Isetan bag.

Pic 378: Yep, this is what I bought. Perfume larh, in case you don't know by now.

Pic 379: Comes with a nice orange cosmetic pouch. I think it's a cosmetic pouch. Heck, it's a bag, let's move on.

Pic 380: Here is it, a 50ml bottle of Estee Lauder Pleasures and body lotion to go along with it.

I need to sleep now, I need to have energy to block my bio ct's murderous looks tmr.

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