Sunday, May 06, 2007

Better Than Me

Latest single from Hinder. Sounds almost exactly like their last one. Haha. But I like it. Take a listen, please.

Yay one more week to go. Let's hope the application gets through and I end up somewhere I want to be. Now gotta think about what to get my girls. And my bio CT. And other people.


boonleong said...

Congrats on surviving NIE! And good luck with your teaching career! And be nice to me when I'm working under you next time!

heartw|sh* said...

i still got 4 more weeks of NIE to go. argh. haha you'll only be hanging around the teaching arena for a couple of years before becoming my superior. so of course, i'll be nice to you! when are you coming back?

boonleong said...

I'm coming back (for good) on June 12. Frankly, I think I would rather hang around the school scene than work in the big shiny MOE bldg.