Saturday, May 19, 2007

some random stuff

Before I start preparing for the dinner later, I shall write a quick entry. This entry will be quick for you to read cos it's mostly pictures. But I'm expecting this entry to take about ten minutes to blog. So!

First: Congrats to Godspeed for getting attached! Don't be crazy, I don't have sour grapes like Enginger. d= Your entry too sweet liao, I need to tell the rest of the world so that the sweetness will be diluted. LOL. And how can you not have told me!!! You idiot!!! I think I'll call you 6/6 Vision from now on.

Second: Had a JC class outing the other day. Uh, wasn't much of a 'class' effort. Six little momoks turned up! The rest were MIA. I heard Monkey was in Australia having some life-saving competition. As Ju said, "That is so JOCK!"

Pic 381: The four girls.

Pic 382: Me and my Baobei!! Haven't seen her since the last time we went to Holland V's Coffee Club. =D I love my Baobei!

Pic 383: Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Hehe.

Pic 384: A close-up of our own Peter Parker.

Third: Had a Bio field trip to MacRitchie the other day. Not that I don't like going on field trips, but I'm honestly not interested in looking at primary and secondary forests. Honestly. Like the tutor who brought us there, "I think this is just NIE's ploy to keep you hostage."

I fully agree.

Pic 385: An interesting adapation. The bio terms fail me.

Fourth: My class had the CME workshop thing yesterday. I only enjoyed myself at one point, which was to make a collage depicting youths of today. I felt like a damn nerd going around the classroom taking the pictures, so you better appreciate it!!!

Pic 386: My group's work. I quite like it. I collected the material, and my groupmates did the rest.

Pic 387: Like a flowchart.

Pic 388: Many many pictures.

Pic 389: The entire collage is mainly pictures of celebrities/models. The group was made up of all males and one female, I think. That's why!

Pic 399: Clean and simple.

Pic 400: I don't get the 'almost raped' part though. Something about relationships.

One of my classmates was browsing through the magazines the facilitator gave us during the second half of the lesson. Something on Reiki. Haha. I just thought it was amusing.

And now I'm running late. Oops!

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wenlin said...

i like the group work collage la, HAHA =D reminds me of the good ol' times