Sunday, April 22, 2007

Piggy Fren's Birthday

So, I went out at 11plus last night to meet up with Piggy Fren and Bear to kinda celebrate her birthday. So here goes:

Pic 368: The setting: Starbucks @ One Fullerton. It's one of those shots that you try to make artistic because it's black and white, and then failing miserably because you aren't really the arty type.

Pic 369: The birthday cake that Bear bought from the Bakerzin counter at Taka. (I know, the irony is not lost on me.)

Pic 370: The cake itself. Only one big candle, not because Piggy Fren is only ten years old, but because a woman's age beyond twenty-one is a well-kept secret.

Pic 371: The birthday girl and her cake.

Pic 372: Bear said it felt like he was giving Piggy Fren a prize, so they shook hands.

Pic 373: Then they posed for a nice picture.

Pic 374: And then it's my turn to pose with the cake and birthday girl.

Pic 375: Acting silly.

Okay, I realised that a 6-hour nap isn't called a nap. It's called A Night's Worth of Sleep. In fact, it's even more sleep than I usually get. Maybe because plans for dinner got cancelled last minute, so I decided to sleep in. I also need to stop going out with T³. I went out with her on Friday after Sports Day and bought a cardigan. Argh! You make me impulse-buy!

I need to go watch a movie soon. I almost watched a movie at The Cathay (cos I was in the neighbourhood), but luckily none of the movies interest me.

Then then then, went to Hyundai showroom at Leng Kee, where my step-dad bought himself a Hyundai Avante. Nice car. I can't wait to drive it when it arrives. =D It's got a huge boot too. But nothing beats the Rav4. I'll miss it... )=

Now I need to go think about what I can do for my bio girls on Thursday.

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