Wednesday, January 31, 2007

searching for me?

The number of hits per day has suddenly gone back up to 20+. Sorry hor, if you're looking for Youth Tournament analysis, you won't find it here. Another interesting thing is that someone has been looking for me. Again. I mean, when the search string is my name + kendo... You know. So. Hi. Whoever it is that's looking for me.

Tiring week, and it's not even half over. Why! At least micro-teaching is over... thank goodness I managed to crap something out even though I hardly prepared for it. I like reading the comments on the feedback form. Who cares about whether you Strongly Agree or Agree? I just wanna see the Strengths/Weaknesses part.

Something funny that I found out by reading my feedback forms: Almost the whole class think that I am quite fierce. HAHAHAHAH. Okay there's this line in my feedback form that says, "Was I warm and enthusiastic about teaching?" Almost all my classmates ticked Agree rather than Strongly Agree. And there were a few who actually said that I should "smile more!", "quite fierce in the beginning", etc.

I fierce meh? Hehe. Lousy Kohai told me the other day that some people are scared of me. Why scared! I'm so harmless. I'm so harmless that people can do all kinds of shit to me and still get away with it. (=!

Remembering the old times:

If we can do it once, we can do it again. Don't go for team one liao larh, go for individual!!! Cheer up!

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godspeed said...

Haiz, my silver trophy... this year kena downgrade le... sighz