Thursday, January 11, 2007

last pics of 2006

The Kendo people had a small gathering at Twinny's house on the eve of Christmas eve. We didn't do much, just ate a lot of stuff, and played this game called "Dirty Minds". I remember being very tickled by some descriptions, but obviously I don't remember any of them now. So well, here's what I do best:

Pic 327: The unruly scene.

Pic 328: Introducing the Lousy Kohai! We actually took another photo with her camera, but some idiot accidentally deleted it. Oh well.

Pic 329: Wai and Precious, with a beginner in the background.

Pic 330: Precious and Lawyer.

Pic 331: Me and Twinny, who refuses to stay still for a shot.  Posted by Picasa

And so, that kinda wraps up 2006 in pictures.

A blog I read summed up 2006 in a very cryptic way. Like, the things that happened all throughout 2006. I am not going to do that cos I can't write as well as her.

I know I haven't been exactly the best person to hang around with over the whole of the year. I know I throw pissy fits, I shout, and I get angry, and then I also get depressed. I shut people off, and I'm glad that sometimes they let me back in.

So 2007 is going to be a better year. I'll MAKE it a better year. I won't drink so much, I won't complain so much, I will keep my temper, I'll be a better person, basically. Thank you to all my friends who stood by me and listened during my shitty times, and to all the people who still love me deep deep even after so long.

Thanks, Godspeed, Precious, Baobei, Darling, Piggy Fren, Jane, and all the others whom I can't really recall at the moment because I'm not thinking too clearly now. this is what one mug of vodka + rootbeer does to you.

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wenlin said...

hahaha shermaine looks funny in the picture lol.