Friday, January 26, 2007

Bloggerbot is dead.

So, well. I was bored yesterday and wanted to upload pictures of my second day in Chiangmai. But guess what! Bloggerbot is dead, which means Hello! is also dead. Which also means I can't post large amounts of pictures easily at one shot. I think this is the one thing about the new blogger that I will miss the most. So. I shall be concise and slowly, sloooooooooowly upload the few photos that matter.

Chiangmai Day 2:

Picture 345: At some smallish orchid garden. The flowers were really pretty!

Picture 346: My sister. (=

Picture 347: An elephant drawing. We visited this elephant camp place, and this was part of the elephant show.

Picture 348: The completed works of various elephants. The one at the far right was the most expensive even though it has the least number of strokes. I guess they think that it's amazing for an elephant to draw its self-portrait.

Picture 349: Me and an elephant! I like this photo only because I was wandering around alone, after voluntarily separating from the rest of my family. I liked the feeling... Some day I'd like to go overseas alone, or with just one companion.

Picture 350: My stepmom, sister, and father coming back from their ride on an elephant. My father kept raving about it, and told me and my brother that we were missing out on something really spectacular. Next time lor. Haha.

Picture 351: And that's the name of the elephant camp. The Thai people really love their King. My da gu says that it's almost freaky, the way they hang up his picture everywhere, as though he's some kind of deity.

Picture 352: Next, we visited some silk factory. Owned by the former Thai president's family or something. Wanted to post a picture that I took on the walls, but I don't want to be seen as a Thaksin sympathiser. (And I am not one.)

Picture 353: Following that, we visited a place that made paper umbrellas.

Picture 354: One of the umbrellas on display.

Picture 355: Pretty handicraft! Think this was a lamp. Pretty larh, but man, where to put in the house?? My place doesn't even have enough table space to put my printer, much less a pretty lamp.

Picture 356: More pretty shiny things.

Picture 357: And finally, my favourite shape. I was looking at my broken star necklace and thinking, It's time to start searching for a new one.

Man, it took me forever to upload those photos. Wonder if Blogger/Google will bring Bloggerbot back. =\ I thought the whole point of Bloggerbot was to make uploading pictures simpler and less tedious. Seems that they have decided that they are going to make people work to put pictures up. So much for technological advancement and New Blogger. =\

I guess you all can expect less pictures from me from now on. Oh, and finally...

Since I've spent so much time uploading all of these, APPRECIATE, K?

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