Saturday, January 20, 2007


I just figured out the ultimate rejection line!

"Shall we go buy a HDB together?"
"Nope! I already own one!"

Teehee. That'd teach any guy who wants to propose the Singaporean way.

I'm just bored on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I have nothing planned today after tuition. Thinking about it, I should have planned something for the afternoon. Which I tried! But fell through.

Piggy Fren and I at VivoCity on Tuesday. She joked that she thought she was buying a phone with a camera function, not a camera with a phone function. Yeah, this is taken with her new phone, I don't know what model cos anything outside of Nokia... I'm just clueless.

Lawrence and Bear. I don't know what nickname to give Lawrence. I think I'm running out of nicknames to give people. This was taken with the same phone at Settlers' Cafe last night. Found another nice game to play! It's called Ugly Dolls.

Okay that's it, I don't want to ramble any more.

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