Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chiangmai Trip - Day One

At the start of the year, about two weeks ago, I went to Chiangmai. It seems that everyone's going to Chiangmai these days. Haha. I think it's cos of the flower show, which I didn't go to. We went to see elephants and went to Laos though.

One thing I learnt from the trip: I cannot be away from Singapore for more than three days and two nights without the internet or friends. I can't stand being with family any more than I have to. Sometimes it's a good thing to have family, sometimes it's not. So the next time I go overseas, and with family, I won't make it more than three days/two nights. Haha, it's just me. I don't particularly like travelling.

The pictures!

Picture 332: View from my seat, at Changi Airport.

Picture 333: I was fooling around with the camera. My brother and I on the plane.

Picture 334: View of the airport from the air.

Picture 335: My breakfast. Chicken noodles. It was... not really nice.

Picture 336: More cam-whoring. Me and my stepmom.

Picture 337: First destination of the day. Some Buddhist temple on top of a hill. We took an elevator up, cos none of us wanted to climb the flight of long long steps. Haha.

Picture 338: Another picture of the same place. It's really golden. Too bad I forgot what the name of the place is. I could google it, but I don't quite feel like it.

Picture 339: Stepmom, father, and my little sister.

Picture 340: View from the top. According to the guide, you can see the whole of Chiangmai from here. The view was pretty.

Picture 341: Random shrubbery.

Picture 342: Eldest aunt (on my father's side) and my father. I like the tree with the blossoms in the background.

Picture 343: My father and I. People say I look like him. What do you think?

Picture 344: My brother being camera-shy. Posted by Picasa

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