Monday, November 26, 2007

time is short

I'm not supposed to be at an age where people my age are either dying or dead. I saw his name in the papers and I was completely taken aback. I thought, Maybe it's not him, but how many people in Singapore have his name?

It's too tragic. I'm not supposed to be thinking of going to wakes of people around my age. It's just not right.


Hikoto said...

Oh dear...was he one of the national canoe-ers?

Condolences. But truly, one regret they'll leave is not wearing a life jacket doing a watersport. You can never be too complacent...

Sorry if my words offend, not intended to.

Jia Le said...

Hi ST, chanced upon your blog. Hope you are doing fine! =) Take care and seeya ard!