Monday, November 05, 2007


Everyone has food! Except me! Why!

Okay, I know why. Cos I didn't want to cook instant mee again, and I also refused to go downstairs to buy food. I never did like buying food from downstairs and eating at home. In fact, I dislike eating at home. That's why I always look for people to have dinner with. But I've to slowly learn to eat meals on my own.

In fact, everyone is eating! Earlier in the evening, my beloved Motobabe suddenly smsed me: "I'd just like to let u know i just ate a strawberry sundae. It was very very good. And now i have a cup of honey milk tea." I HATE YOU!!!

One time, a while back, I think I smsed my brother, asking him to get food or something, and he replied, "Ur outside and have a car, buy anything u want -_-" "


I think no one understands my need to have dinners together with someone. It's my last form of social contact! I do everything else alone. Well, almost. Anyone for Stardust? Or else I'm going to watch it one of these days. SOON. I've been waiting for it for quite a while. The book is nice, very lyrical, the way I like my books.

Speaking of books, I read two books today! Not including the one I stayed up till 2am to finish reading. I love books. And I love the NLB for always doubling the loan quota every holiday period. Love love love books.

And now I'm going to sulk cos I don't have food to eat.

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