Friday, November 09, 2007

something to watch

I can never sleep early the night before the start of a new school week, or after a day's break away from school. Actually it's a recent thing. I just can't sleep early. I think it's work stress. Maybe. But really, it's sometimes a bit annoying, cos that means I don't get a good rest and hence I am not out in full force on Mondays. But I guess that's the price one's gotta pay.

Also, two parents called me over the past two days. I try very hard not to give out my hp number unless neccessary, or unless I feel a need to. However, I don't give my hp number to parents, because it just opens up a whole can of worms. "Hello? Can I ask you something about my daughter/son?" is a perfectly fine question. WHEN I AM IN THE OFFICE. It's almost like I'm working 24/7, when I get a call at 10.50pm. When I get a call on a public holiday. It's just very wrong. I don't get my rest. I don't get my time off. I keep thinking about work and end up not getting enough rest.

Anyhow, I was talking about not being able to sleep early the night before.

So I was thinking about Neil Gaiman's Stardust, which was made into a movie, and was recently released in Singapore. I was reading the book today, and there are some parts of the movie that I liked more, and some parts of the book I liked more. All in all, the book and movie complement each other perfectly. If you haven't watched Stardust, do go watch it!

Here's the 'official' song for the movie, which played at the end of show:

I can't wait for the DVD.


scezzy said...

whoah. this one totaly slipped under my rader.

Somthing for me to watch in a couple of weeks!

Hikoto said...

WHoa. Attack of the angry parent mob.

I've heard more than enough about them during my entire time with MOE (yes as a STUDENT LOL), good luck. x.x

You know what my JC form teacher does? She has two lines. One for school, the other strictly personal. I think she turns off the school one during weekends or something lol.