Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i feel like...

As I sat on the toilet bowl earlier today, I felt comnpletely and very much like a sewer. Whereby my intestines are sewer pipes. And my poo, the sewage.

I'm sorry if the graphic image has caused you to lose your appetite. Actually, I highly recommend food poisoning for a crash diet. Because throughout the entire week, I kept running to the toilet every couple of minutes or so (luckily my bed is almost right next to the toilet), I kept sleeping, and I *gasp* completely lost all appetite. My brother cooked some watery porridge with some ham, and I threw it up. So I'm a bit off ham for the time being (Subway's Cold Cut Trio... NooOooOoOO...).

Anyway, I finally went to see yet another doctor for the 'sewage problem', and he gave me charcoal tablets and some medicine for "symptomatic treatment", i.e. only stops the sewage from spewing ever so often, but does not cure the virus or whatever it is that's causing the sewage to become... sewage. I was so sick, even the clerks at the clinic seemed worried that I'd spew all over their floor. Thanks for putting up with me. Really appreciate the warm water too.

Oh, I woke up on Monday feeling really warm. So I took out my trusty thermometer (with me since the days of SARS! Everyone should have a thermometer of their own in their homes, you never know when you'll need it). Put it in my mouth, waited for the beep. I wasn't surprised that it started beeping the 'fever' beep. I was more... stunned? amused? worried? perplexed? at the temperature shown. I've never seen such a high temperature recorded on my thermometer, btw. The last time it was this high was some time back in 2004, when I was on my way home feeling tired and giddy, and it was only 38.4.

My thermometer showed me a temperature of 39.8.

I don't know how I got through the rest of the day. I think I just took a wash cloth, tried to cool myself down, tried to take some paracetemol from the UBER expensive doctor I went to last Sunday, but it didn't work. For all her fancy medicine (the commercial name of the medicine was printed on the pills, fancy huh?), they were pretty useless. And of course, I always get prescribed anti-biotics, which I always refuse to take. I stopped taking anti-biotics after one time I took it on an empty stomach, and promptly threw it all up. So no more anti-biotics for me.

Anyway, I'm here typing this cos I'm still psyching myself up for staff retreat. Gotta sleep soon! Have to be fresh and alert for the activities tmr! =D


zhi hung said...

get lots of rest and try to get well soon!

Hikoto said...

Oh man! Sounds baad! Hope you get better soon!