Sunday, June 26, 2005

NUSKK outing @ Sentosa.

Firstly, I would like to say that there would have been none of these pictures if I hadn't bought batteries at this shop called Island Life.

Picture 113: Where I bought my batteries.

After watching some monkey show, Enginger and I cycled (yeah, we brought our own bicycles. The power of a car and a bicycle harness.) to this shop. And then I proceeded to take narcissistic shots of myself.

Picture 114: Sitting outside the shop after cycling.

These few pictures are taken right after we'd played a long game of volleyball (of sorts) in the hot afternoon sun. We were all starting to get really red by then.

Picture 115: Uncle Brown Nut and YK.

Almost everyone drinking a bottle each of soft drinks. Do you know how much those bloody bottles cost? No, it doesn't cost $2 or $2.50. It cost us $2.70 EACH. What the hell! Every drop had better taste doubly sweet and thirst-quenching.

Picture 116: Drink advert #1.

Picture 117: Drink advert #2.

Picture 118: Drink advert #3.

Picture 119: Enginger being shy with his cap.

Picture 120: Precious completely engrossed in an 8days article about Michael Jackson, the guy who gets away with everything, including child molestation charges and obvious nose jobs.

Picture 121: Cute kid who wandered into our area and just stared at us.

After a while, we played some frisbee. Then the girls decided to take a break and play some daidee while the guys played a really really hiong game of Monkey-in-the-Middle with the frisbee. By then, Dong arrived, so the guys were playing... rough.

Soon, we all went into the water and threw the volleyball about and played a game of Getting To Know Each Other. Uncle Brown Nut seemed especially keen on telling us a lot of stuff about himself. I bet he missed some of those throws on purpose. So after getting really really wrinkly, we got out of the water at about 6plus? 7? Not too sure of the time, cos I didn't check.

Picture 122: You can see how Uncle Brown Nut's back is damn red. Serves him right for not putting on sunblock. Just came out of the water (spent a long long time in the sea), and walking towards the toilets for quick showers.

Couldn't get a shower stall. Well, could have if I was willing to wait, perhaps like twenty minutes or more? But there were open shower stalls, so me, Wai, Precious decided to heck it and just shower and change outside. That's why we were quite fast, really.

Picture 123: All fresh and clean.

Picture 124: Picture of the skyline at Siloso Beach.

There was someone who refused to put sunblock because a) it feels icky, and b) "But there's no sun! Put sunblock for what!" Anyway, you can see from the picture below that he is tmd red. Compare it with a picture I took at the beginning of the day, when the sun wasn't out yet. He is so going to peel to bits.

Picture 125: Enginger redder than a lobster.

Picture 126: Compare and contrast.

Picture 127: I'll end with a scenery pic. Posted by Hello

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