Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Official photographer for grading, held on 12th June 2005. Because I was the only one who brought a camera. Go knock yourself out:

Picture 100: Taken before their grading. See how fresh they all look!

Picture 101: Who is N12?

Picture 102: Shacked after grading, our new shodan on the left, and Yasashii Man on the right.

Picture 103: The Shodan insisted that I take another picture of him, because he thought the previous one of him looked like crap. After I took this picture, he said he looked very hamsup.

Picture 104: Uncle Brown Nut says: "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"

Picture 105: Uncle Brown Nut says with this incredulous look: "No! I am not wearing the same thing as Wai! *tucks collar in*"

Picture 106: But it's okay, Uncle Brown Nut. We all know the truth about you and Wai. No use tucking in that collar... the colour gives it all away. d= (never trust me with a camera and Adobe Photoshop.)

Picture 107: Wai says, "Noooo! Me shy! I won't admit it! *shows off sweat stains on gi*"

Picture 108: Everyone deserves a good drink.

Picture 109: She says: "Nooo! No pictures of me!" *click!* Too late.

Picture 110: Pose of the Day. Every year, Uncle Brown Nut must come up with something funny. Last year it was the Big Fat Tongue. This year it's the I Am Cat, See Me Claw.

Picture 111: Leaving already? Posted by Hello

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