Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Today, people turned up for training really brown and burnt-looking. Some people still had the pinkish look. Goes to show how badly burnt they were. Uncle Brown Nut was like, red and brown at the same time, if there's such a skin colour. YK looked pink. Enginger was just red, though not as red as on Saturday night.

And of course, my stupid burn hasn't exactly healed over and turn brown like Wai's has. So I was in agony as I carried my bogu all the way to school, in agony as I tried to put on my newly-washed gi without touching my back (and in the end I still ended up pulling the gi across my back anyway and causing me to yelp in pain), painfully putting on my do, and being thankful that the do himo crosses over the back, so it wouldn't hurt my poor sunburnt back.

And in case you think I'm exaggerating about the seriousness of my burn... you can ask the girls who were in the toilet just now. Clare, who thought I was probably embellishing, gave a horrified, "Oh my god!" when she saw my back. After training, my Precious put moisturiser all over my back for me, and now it feels so much better! Because I have been putting it on by myself for the last two days, and it sucks when you can't reach certain parts because you just can't reach it, or your arm hurts so much you can't reach behind.

I'd put up the picture of my back here, but for decency reasons, I shan't. Anyway, Clare called me a silly girl, and I have learnt that I should put sunblock on the places I can't reach (i.e. my back) just because.

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