Sunday, October 19, 2008

days of my life

It's quite exciting to have a phone with a camera function, because now whenever I see something interesting, I take a picture of it. The only problem is that my phone's camera has a clarity of only 2.0megapixels. Oh well, better a pixelated interesting picture than nothing at all, right?

Yesterday, I walked my usual way home from the lift, and then from one end of the corridor, I saw this:

At first, I thought it was a piano, cos it really looked like one. Then I went closer and realised it was a desk. And what was funnier was that there was a sign on it that said:

Hilarious! Status update: When I walked by again this afternoon, it was still there.


Couple of days ago, when I was at Giant with my brother, I saw these humongous salmon.


I am wondering, who actually buys this??


Last Sunday, I went to Lot 1 to have dinner. Actually, wanted to go to this place called Farmart, where there's a collection of various types of farms. But parking was a headache, and it looked like a place from a random part of ulu neighbouring country, so it was Lot 1 ("Somewhere with air-con," says my mother).

In the end, we went to New York, New York!. I couldn't resist taking pictures at all.

My lemonade, which was quite good.

Our starter, prawn fritters or something like that. My mother loved it, I don't really know why.

Meat platter for 2. More like, for 3 instead. The knife is there for comparison. The plate was damn big! Bigger than two of my faces put together. Okay, bad imagery. There was lamb, chicken, chicken (again) and nice sauces.


Have you been to Raffles City Shopping Centre lately? I used to go there quite often, esp when I was still mingling with the masses on the MRT. It has changed quite a fair bit, and one of the changes was the toilet. That's right, folks. When Wensy told us the toilet was all modern and stuff, the 01S16 momoks decided to take a walk on the wild side.

The female toilet. Nice design!

The toilet.
The toilet. Okay I know there are many of these in Japan, but considering I've never really travelled much, humour me, okay?

The controls.
A closer look at the controls.

The instructions.
And just in case you're totally confused by the cheem words, here are instructions!

The toilet pic.
And as always, when a bunch of 01S16 momoks flock into a toilet (esp if it's a nice one), we'll inevitably take a picture.

BTW! I didn't mention that only Momok Cheah actually used the controls. The rest of us only toe the line on the wild side, but Momok Cheah goes ALL THE WAY. HAhaha.

The very first toilet pic.
PS toilet, circa. 2002. Was taken after a class outing to watch Lilo and Stitch.

Random toilet in the middle of nowhere
Taken after a huge dinner at Hard Rock Cafe last June.

Okay, back to work.

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