Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sometimes things just conspire to make you so irritated. I had this premonition that I was going to have to a lousy Sept, and so far I'm right!

Actually it started just slightly before Sept, but as you know, Teachers' Day usually falls in the middle of the one-week break, so we'll usually celebrate it last day of the school term. Not A Good Day for reasons that cannot be mentioned. Let's just say it was an accumulation of many things that resulted in a lousy day. By the time I was alone enough to let it sink it, it was too late. You know how there are some things that has to be sorted out, or else you just become numb to it?

Then something happened during the one-week break which left me quite devastated. Not A Good Week for reasons that cannot be mentioned also. (Are you getting a sense of how this entry's gonna turn out?)

AND THEN the coup de grace happened last Friday. I went to the canteen with Der, took my purse with my phone, and as I slid open my phone... Nothing happened. So I thought, oh dear, battery flat. I didn't bring along my charger, so went around looking for one. Had to go for invigilation, so only starting charging my phone a whole hour and a half later. THEN I had to go around finding an available socket as the bloody socket at my table is irritating low and the charger couldn't fit into the space. So anyway, switched on phone, and first thing I do, always, is to look at my messages.


ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had quite a fit and I was hoping against hope my messages will return. BUT NO!!!!! And you know what, this isn't the first time my phone pulled this trick. It DOESN'T hang. The first and only time it hung, it was about two weeks old, and the same stupid problem occurred. ARGH ARGH ARGH!!! In the end I was so frustrated that I went to sit at Crystal's table together with the Malay & Der and had lovely durian mooncake until 5plus.

AND THEN at the end of the day when I was doing up a worksheet and saving my work, I closed some extraneous MS Word windows. A message popped out, "Do you want to save the changes in Document(1)?" Thinking that it was a file I opened to copy something from, I clicked, "No." And then I looked for my worksheet. AND THEN I REALISED I CLOSED A WINDOW CONTAINING FIFTEEN MINUTES WORTH OF WORK. ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

My colleague next to me looked over and said, "It's not your day. Go home."

So I did.

Went to Nokia Care on Sunday, and they said it's a software problem. So they recommended upgrading it, which resulted in my phone being reverted to factory settngs. SIGH! And I still doesn't know if it solves the prob of my messages being completely wiped out cos of a hanging of a phone. I lost ALL my drafts on my Melbourne trip, which is why I don't really feel like blogging about it anymore, cos I CANNOT REMEMBER.

So anyway, September's not shaping up well at all. Plus something sparked me off again today, and that's why I'm ranting away. I keep telling myself, think positive! But a bit hard ah, esp when it seems like the fingers of fate are being wiggled in your face and going HAHA at you. Sigh.

Okay although there's one good thing that I can see from my mishaps of the last couple of months. Remember my accident in March? (Well, now you do.) AIG refused to reinsure me about two months ago, so my mother had no choice but to go source for another insurance company who would be willing to insure my car. Seems like AIG is in trouble now. Actually the whole world's in trouble, so tighten those wallets and chin up.

Apologize - Just for you, Der. I know it's your favourite song. Now it's one of my favourites, too!

Cover of Gregory & the Hawk - Boats and Birds
Something about this song just gets to me.

you can skyrocket away from me
and never come back if you find another galaxy
far from here with more room to fly
just leave me your star dust to remember you by

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hikoto said...

Oh man...wish your fair sure of good days come back soon!