Friday, August 10, 2007

long weekend!

Last week I went to watch Corinne May's concert with two friends... Needless to say, I was so tired out that I fell asleep during her concert. I mean, her singing's great and all, but school really takes a toll on you. My friend said that I looked like I was enjoying my nap so much that she couldn't bear to wake me up. Haha.

Pic 462: My ticket, with the stage in the background.

Pic 463: The inverse view... I love playing around with the settings on my camera. Haha.

Pic 464: A close-up of the stage during the intermission. Look at my earlier pics... Yes, I was quite far away from the stage. Appreciate this picture! It took me many tries to get it right.

There was a nice scene during the second half (when I woke up for a bit) where little balls dropped from the stage ceiling. But I was too humji to take pictures. I am a very good girl; I won't take recordings of concerts illegally, unlike this guy sitting a couple of rows in front of me, who was blatantly recording some songs on his hp. Thing is, I know that guy too. Tsk!

X-country on Wednesday! That is why I have a long weekend... Five days, to be exact. Shortest teaching week ever! You know how cross country distance for guys is 4.8km, and for girls, 3.2km, right? Well, I don't know whether it's due to lack of space or what, but everyone only ran 2.88km. Yes, folks, so everyone finished running in about twenty minutes or so. Except for a group of my kids who strolled through the 2.88km in forty minutes. I have no idea how they managed to take so long to walk 2.88km.

Pic 465: Me and MotoBabe, who got third in the Open category! Her mother asked her, "Is it got four people run, then you got third?" MotoBabe answered, "No larh, it is got three people run, then I got third."

Pic 466: Two male teachers, both unattached. Please contact me for more details.

Pic 467: Two babes, both attached. Please set your sights elsewhere.

I spent National Day having steamboat at Marina South. BrokenArm jio-ed the kendo people and two of his friends, so I went. After all, I just needed to go out somewhere instead of staying at home and thinking wistfully about the fireworks. Actually I went because of the fireworks, that's all. Haha.

Pic 468: Our table! This was about three-quarters of the way through the dinner. We actually sat there from about 5.30pm to 9.30pm. BEST!

Pic 469: Two young 'uns.

You know how when you start frying stuff, then you don't put enough butter, or you don't look after it, like how BrokenArm came back from taking food and realised no one looked after his pig liver, and the foil gets all black and sooty? Well, BrokenArm's friend decided that he can DIY change it, which resulted in...

Pic 470: ...the foil caught fire cos of the butter. Haha. Well, the up-side is that it alerts the people to come help us change, though I think they were a bit pek chek, cos it kept happening. One girl from some other table got singed by the burning foil from some other table, and two groups of teens nearly came to blows.

Pic 471: The peanut gallery.

I couldn't eat much though. I had this funny feeling in my stomach (no, not a tummy upset), so I ended up not eating much. Not very hungry either. So I went to the small field next to the steamboat place and found myself a nice vantage point to wait for the fireworks.

Here goes!

There's one up there that looks like the galaxy exploded. Lovely fireworks! Everybody loves fireworks. =D

But now for most part, the holiday is coming to an end... Time to get back into the tiresome groove of things.

How have you been? It's going to be a year soon, and I don't look forward to it. I feel like hiding away for the entire month, but it's pretty much impossible. I'll be doing something really big on that day, it seems somewhat poetic, new eyes and all. I don't know what else to say.