Saturday, July 21, 2007


My MotoBabe ticked me off the other day. She said I'm very naughty for not updating my blog. BLEARGH. So here I am. Hahaha. Actually it's time for an update too, I have loads of photos!

I fell really ill last week, but thankfully nothing as bad as last year's little episode. This time I got a fever that Would Not Go Away. I ended up sleeping away my Friday afternoon, after sitting in the office for the longest time, sniffling away and finally giving up and going to see the doctor. I also missed out on the fun ExcelFest and a chance to see my Math CT. )= I rested all day at home on Saturday, and my mother scolded me for not seeing a doctor the first chance I could. So I've decided to take things easy and not put too much stress on myself. Now I know why teachers get all kinds of funny stress-related illnesses... It's all psychological! On Monday, I was sitting at my desk thinking of how overwhelming my marking was, and I felt a familiar panic rising and giving me a headache. So I decided to relax... and that's how I have five piles of marking waiting for me. d=

1/ NIE Convocation

I absolutely swear that this is the last convocation I'm ever going to go for. I hate convocations, there is nothing fun about them at all.

Pic 453: Strawberry Girl and me! I really like this picture, maybe because it's one of the few pictures in which I don't look like I'm going to drop dead at any second.

Pic 454: My beloved babes, the ones I hung out with most often in NIE.

Pic 455: Part of my Math class in NIE!

2/ Racial Harmony Day

We commemorated RHD on Friday, and I wore a pretty purple punjabi suit! I bought it the day before, so Saizou, I ended up not wearing yours. d= A picture speaks a thousand words, so here goes:

Pic 456: The Monstress and me. Her last day in the school, cos she's done with her ESE and off to the life of an NIE student. Lucky her! (Slight edit: the second pic is from her camera, and I'm putting it up cos it shows off the actual colour of my suit. Nice, right?!)

Pic 457: MotoBabe and me!! I like this picture! Please ignore my pink slippers. I wear them around the staffroom... and sometimes around school after school hours. Hehe.

Pic 458: Mei Nǚ and Sareeeee. That stupid babe not looking at the camera, so dao!

Pic 459: Haha that's much better.

Pic 460: MotoBabe scolded me for not acting hiao. But I can't act hiao! I am absolutely not hiao at all. I am so young and innocent.

Pic 461: Sari does not appreciate MotoBabe's affections.

Actually there's a picture that is really great to caption, but unfortunately it is not work safe, so I'm not going to post it up. Too bad!!!

3/ Invisible City

I watched an indie arty film on Friday. It is Invisible City by Tan Pin Pin, director of Singapore GaGa. I got nice posters to put up on my cubicle (if I can find the wall space for it)! It is really nice, and if you have the time, please do go watch it. I really enjoyed it!

And it's a wrap!

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i sad... there's no pic of the DER who sits closest to u :(