Thursday, December 07, 2006

pictures coming soon

I got tons of pictures from my GESL project. But I'm lazy to upload them. (= So next entry.

I learnt something new today. I learnt that being blue = being happy. Haha. Original context: "Went training yesterday. Arms almost came off towards the end. Woke up today with an aching body. But I like my new gi and hakama haha. I'm blue again!"

I had to babysit my sister today, and again on Saturday. So today I brought her to the playground near my new place. There was an old auntie there with her two-year-old grandson who thought I was my sister's mother. (Does that make sense?) She asked me in Mandarin, "Only one? Why not have more?" I was wondering if I should tell her that she is not my daughter, but nah, the truth requires a bit more explanation and more lies. So I just said I didn't want more. Help, I think I've reached that stage in my life where people think I'm a very young mother. I don't think it's supposed to be flattering, because it means I look plump enough to have given birth. Ugh.

Brought her swimming at my beloved Piggy Fren's condo, but my idiot sister refused to let Piggy Fren in. So bo bian, I just 'swam' (in the loosest sense of the word) with my sister. Then we headed off to IMM to have lunch (Happy Meal!). This sister is expensive... I spent $4.50 on her Happy Meal, $3.85 on her Pringles, and $9.90 on a VCD that she picked out. Since she was being okay (read: not needing me to carry her so much), I bought it for her.

I also learnt today that carrying a three-year-old is more tiring on the arms than swinging a shinai way over my head. I finally went back to training yesterday, after a month off. All I will say is that I lost focus in the last few months, especially during the May to September period when I was quite depressed (-squish-, as someone said). I woke up this morning with no aches. But now my arms are aching all because I carried a kid around.

I'm babysitting her again next week argh. But this time I'm bringing her to the beach with my NIE friends. I still haven't figured out what nicknames to give them. One of them is Strawberry, cos of an inside joke about painting her first car like a strawberry. The other one... (=

Pictures next entry!

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