Sunday, December 17, 2006

1st kyu

I know I promised pictures, but I am an incorrigible liar.

Grading is finally over, and even though my grade was waiting for me, I don't feel like I did my best to take it. But it's okay, if the grading panel gave me the grade, it means that they think I am capable of being that grade, training up to that grade, and then training beyond that grade. I'm just glad that the grading panel sees it fit to give me the grade.

That being said, I will always feel inadequate about my ability. I will never be as good as my opponent in shiai, in training. I firmly believe that as long as I think that I'm better than my partner, I will never be as good as someone who is of a lower rank, but more humble.

Congrats to all those who passed grading, and all the people who got what they want.

And Godspeed, you cannot jump grade from ni-kyu to shodan larh.

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