Monday, March 03, 2008

funny things

I swear, the things that my kids say are the funniest things ever. Like today, one of my kids came into the class, came right up to me, and said in Chinese, "Ms T**, I am very scared." ??? So I asked him quizzically, "Why are you scared?" He replied, "I scared the JI guy come and bomb me." Haha! I think it's quite adorable. And he's in Sec 3! Then one of his classmates overhead him, and said proudly, "I got that guy's face as my handphone wallpaper! Then when I see him I can recognise him." Things like that just make your day. Underneath their jokes, you can see that they are doing their part to help their country, better than some who just delete the mms that the police sent.

Anyway, here's what was transported to my place the other day:

After more than a year, my piano is finally here! One of the reasons why the piano wasn't moved from my old place is because we thought we might eventually move off somewhere else. But my mother likes our current place so much, that we finally decided that we're going to be staying here indefinitely. So! My piano! I'm going to start learning up all the old pieces that I used to play. I love my piano!

I met up with Baobei and Darling last Saturday. The place is situated across from Plaza Singapura, and the waiters/waitresses are all dressed in some type of really casual wear. Think khaki berms and sandals. Anyway, the waiters were so-so eye-candy, though they didn't really come around. The food was okay, had something called Seafood Laksa Spaghetti, which wasn't too bad, but got pretty sweet towards the end. Had a drink which wasn't very nice, and the ginger ale came in cans rather than the bottles we were expecting.

Food: 3***
Ambience: 4****

So anyway, IT fair on Thursday, barring any last minute incidents. I want to get my headphones! Sigh, my 1.5 year old Creative ones have finally sounded their last. It was good while it lasted.

Before I go, here's a really interesting song. The video is kinda addictive too, you just keep watching to see what other strange movements the guy will do. Frankly speaking, I stopped watching about midway through. Haha!

David Jordan - Sun Goes Down

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