Sunday, October 14, 2007

what i did on a public holiday

It was an action-packed day yesterday. My band performed at the Istana! Not my band, as in 'I play in it' type of band, but my school band.

Pic 492: The conductor, taking a moment.

Pic 493: The conductor, in action.

Pic 494: I took a picture of this baby cos he was too cute for words. His father was holding him, and they were enjoying the performance. =D

Pic 495: Look! We had a CNA videoman videoing my kids. =D

I'd post more pictures of my band, cos I'm proud of them, but someone once told me that I shouldn't post pictures of students on my own personal blog, so I shan't.

We went for a little walk walk in the Istana office building. I really have no idea what it's called, actually. Then afterwards, the conductor arranged the kids into rows, and we took a picture with the President and his wife! A couple of the kids were quite cute, they were all, "Wahhh you shake hands with the President...!" Haha. Someone else asked me, "How wrinkly were they?" Pretty wrinkly, but in great shape for 80-year-olds, I'd say.

Then then then! Then I was too lazy to go all the way home, so I went straight to Marina Square for a gathering of my JC classmates. I had about an hour to spare, so I went walking around Marina Square on my own. I should not go walking around alone, cos all I had in mind was to buy a hair clip, to replace the very pretty one that I lost. In the end I wandered into a video shop and bought two VCDs. One was the most bimbotic, feel-good movie EVER: Bring It On. Hey, I like it k. I watched it so many times for the cheer routines that I can remember almost every part of the movie. The only part I forgot was how cute the male lead was. Haha. I guess this was the movie that introduced competitive cheer-leading in Singapore. But we can't compare, man, cannot at all.

Then I wandered into The Wallet Shop, and ended up buying a new pencilbox for myself. -_-" I really shouldn't be let loose into shopping malls on my own. Damage to my wallet was $26 (inclusive of VCDs). Sheesh. I'm just as bad as MotoBabe. Luckily I'm not a clothes person; I just have huge weakness for useable things like wallets and VCDs and makeup.

I saw my eye doctor when I was on the phone with Linda! Dang it! I would have said hi, but the window of opportunity slammed shut on me before I could even react. )= I'll only be seeing him in like, 2 months time. )= I better write it down somewhere before I forget.

So! I haven't gotten the pics from the other people, but here's what I got:

Pic 496: The girls! My Darling flew our kites last minute cos she had some family stuff to deal with.

Pic 497: Baobei and Dr. Ng, with the hugest Momok ever at the side. Dr. Ng isn't really Dr. Ng yet, but almost. Almost!

Pic 498: Me and my Baobei! She put on a little bit of weight. Keep it up, Baobei!

Pic 499: And this is Lewis, who had the misfortune of sitting next to JillJill and got teased by her (and us) all night long. It was so funny to see him get exasperated. We are mean ahhaahha. We were mean then, and we are still mean now. Hehe.

I had a slightly heated discussion with one of the guys regarding some educational issues. I'd like to state for the record that although sometimes I do not like my employer's policies, I am committed to what I believe in, and I'll do what I can within the narrow confines I've been put into. It just annoys me that some people have such great views about how the system can be changed, but I am not able to see these people effecting these changes.

Can I just state for the record that I don't agree that 'discriminatory' equals to 'segregation' which, in my classmate's opinion, also equates to 'streaming/banding system'? One of the reasons I got annoyed was is because of his tone of voice that was so cock-sure. Another reason was how he insisted that the current S/E/N/T system is 'discriminatory'. I just simply don't like the way he was approaching it. I guess if it were anyone else, I'd have listened and voiced my opinions in a calm, cool, collected manner.

Oh who am I kidding? When it comes to something I am passionate about, there is no calmness, nor coolness, nor collectiveness about me. In the end, since he is so fixed in his view, and because I also have not much to substantiate (that's why I'll never be a good debator), I ended up off with, "Okay." Then I turned to my poor melted marshmellow mudpie, which wasn't really all that fantastic in the first place anyway.

Who wants to go NYDC with me and grab a nicer mudpie?

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Natydnew said...

Stee!! Surprised? I was looking thru my favorites, and I realised that I have your blog add all along.. hee.. Anyway sorry that I was unable to attend the outing. Hope that it was fun.=)