Monday, October 29, 2007


It's late, but I'm in a bloggy mood! The family celebrated my father's fiftieth birthday earlier tonight. I was doing some calculating: When my father is sixty, my sister will be in Sec 2. When my father is seventy, my sister will be almost my age. Scary thought.

Had dinner at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, and I had like, the most cholesterol-laden (it's spelt with an 'e', I remember cos I spelt it as 'cholestrol' in a Sec 2 home-econs test, and I've never forgotten since) dinner ever. There was this terrible dish known as LOBSTER:

Pic 500: The orange-ish stuff is some salted egg paste.

Then there was PEPPER CRAB (no pictures) and PEKING DUCK (also no pictures). The peking duck was nice. They cooked the duck, then a waitress stood behind me and carved up the skin of the duck onto a plate. Then we wrapped up the duck skin in some egg roll thingie with cucumber and celery. Not forgetting the sweet paste. Nice! But fattening. The crab was nice. I haven't eaten pepper crab in a long time. It was my favourite food when I was a kid. I like black pepper crab better than chilli crab, probably cos my father only ordered black pepper crab, and I just followed.

Pic 501: My father, the birthday boy, blowing out his candles.

Pic 502: My father and my sister.

Pic 503: My stepmom and my sister. She has this strange way of smiling these days. My sister, not my stepmom.

Pic 504: My sister and I! I'm going to ask that perennial question, Does my sister look like me??? My father's eldest sister (my aunt) says that she looks more and more like me when I was younger. Haha. Okay, I'll stop.

Pic 505: My sister taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Then we also had cake. Bye bye diet, hello fats.

Then there was a colleague's wedding earlier in the week! Congratulations to the happy bride! She was super pretty, as is befitting a bride. =D

Pic 506: Blurry pic of me and Motobabe. I refused to take off my shawl all night, so I was all wrapped up like an Arabian princess. My excuse is that it's cold. Actually I just didn't want people to see my flabby arms. And also because it's a tube dress and I didn't want anything to accidentally fall off.

Pic 507: Two of my favourite people in the WORLD.

Pic 508: Handiwork of the person who appeared the most in the above two pictures. That's her fingers, too!

Pic 509: The three stooges. No larh. The only reason why I'm putting up this pic is because they are all single and extremely available. Interested parties, please leave a message and I'll arrange a meet-up. Only female parties welcomed! I am such a match-maker.

Enjoy the pictures. I need to play around with the settings a bit more. Maybe it's time to take out the manual and figure out what cool functions my camera has.

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