Friday, December 09, 2005

Kendo Camp 2005

Sorry, no pictures this time. Cos my camera ran out of batt (forgot to charge the batteries), and I was too lazy to take any pictures. Camp isn't so exciting when there are people around whom you are not close to. Last year was more fun, cos I was close to most of the people. This year, the rooms are so far apart, and there's just something missing. I don't know what, and I'm too tired to come up with a long essay about just exactly what it is.

I'm achey. I'm sleepy. I have tons of stuff to read through online. I have bruises on the weirdest places, like the little and fourth finger of my LEFT hand. My right foot hurts. My left forearm hurts. And I'm still contemplating going for training on Sunday, because I really wanna sleep innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Survived all the training sessions, not really well, but hey, didn't take off men unneccessarily. Food was good. And I'm just randomly putting points down because I don't know what else to say le.


Hikoto said...

Yea...I agree camps aren't nice if they're carried out on too big a scale.(Not what you said but haha XD) It's like "comercialising" something. lol

thatjedi said...

So you learn Kendo!

I did think of taking up Kendo before, but found that it was too "leh cheh".

You know, Kendo courses are not easily available and those places offering the courses are too far away. It is also very expensive (at least $600 for the suit, I read from the Net).

Coupled with my work commitments, I don't think I can commit to this training.

You're very lucky.

Hikoto said...

Haha thatjedi. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. =)

And yes...the equipment are expensive unfortunately. But it is relatvily cheaper sport compared to fencing. Which my friend told me charges by the hour. The ending sum was horrendus.(Equipments included)

thatjedi said...

Hey there hikoto

I've kaypoh-ed and hopped over to your blog. My, you're a great fan of anime!

As for sports, I think I'll just stick to my daily routine of doing 1 situp when I wake up every morning.

No kendo, no fencing. Too expensive.