Monday, December 12, 2005

Impromptu outing

Had to wake up earlier than usual on Sunday morning (at the unearthly hour of 10.30am) because someone was coming over to fix my kitchen/toilet ceilings. Something about leaky, plaster, toilet unusable and other profound adult words. I can't remember why I woke up either. I think it's because my alarm started ringing, and these days I can't snooze it for two hours like I used to. So I got up, bathed and then came online.

Saw Kimchi online, and in the midst of whining to each other that we were hungry, she suddenly popped the million dollar question: "Want to go out?" So we proceeded to call the "sweaty people", and finally managed to get a bunch of them out. Met up with Kimchi, and we walked about for a long time, because the Sweaty People were taking too long to arrive.

We finally went to Ajisen Ramen and waited some more for them. In the end we ordered first, cos they were stuck at the entrance of the carpark. Finally they arrived, and we had a good time chatting about that day's training. It seems like after joining Kendo, my whole world becomes just that. I go out with people from Kendo, I feel most at home with Kendo people, hell, I even start chatting about Kendo to other people.

Anyway, we all went to watch movie. Enginger and his sisters watched Hairy Porter, while LENG, Saizou, Kimchi and I watched Perhaps Love. Like Darren who aptly put it, came out of the movie wondering, wtf? At least it wasn't as bad as 2046, where I completely caught no ball. But I'd like to watch Perhaps Love again (and no, it's not for Takeshi however-you-spell-it). There was this Korean guy who popped up at really random intervals of the show. I thought he was like, Puck in Midsummer's Night Dream, but he was absent most of the time. Really weird. Did they put him in just for eye candy? But the soundtrack's good. Jacky Cheung sure can sing still.

Ah, I forgot to mention that I bought two new shirts. It's the end of the year! I can indulge a little! Then this morning I got an sms from my mother, "I just got 50% discount coupons from U2." That woke up me right away, cos I bought the shirts from U2 as well. -_- Talk about timing, man. Anyone wants to go shopping with me on Wednesday?

We all met up again after the movie, and had Mos Burger for dinner. Haha there were two funny quotes of the day:

1/ At Bravissimo (ice cream counter), and Lawyer asked LENG why she doesn't want ice cream. LENG replied, "I'm going StarBucks for coffee..." Lawyer says, "StarBucks? Boring person." And then stalked away.

2/ After movie, we were trying to decide where to eat. So someone said, "Fast food?" Lawyer: "No! I don't want fast food..." Then I said, "How about Mos Burger?" And the sister covered her mouth, looked at Lawyer from the corner of her eyes and said, "OKAY!" I tell you, we couldn't stop laughing at the expression on Lawyer's face.

All in all, a really nice day. Here's how much I spent: $14 (Ajisen) + $6.35 (Coffee treat for Kimchi) + $59 (U2) + $9.50 (Movie) + $6.70 (Mos) + $3.20 (ice cream).

Okay, just kill me now. I don't want to total it up.

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