Sunday, March 27, 2005

JL & ZL's birthday dinner

About two weekends ago, I went for my two friends' birthday dinner. Since their birthdays were only a day apart, they usually celebrated it together. It was at this place called Prego MENOTTI!!! at City Hall. Do NOT go there. Their service is shit lousy. Firstly, they forgot my order. Secondly, after they forgot my order, they took their own sweet time to make my food. Thirdly, even after I heatedly complained to the waiter, who finally served me my food after EVERYONE ELSE has eaten, they didn't do any recompensation of any sort.

So I conclude they have lousy service, and I should have threatened to not pay the service charge. Nonetheless, I have some photos from that day. None of me, though, because all the pictures I have are of me eating my very late food.

Picture 78: Vick and Jae, in couple outfits. Note the little heart made by the guy in the stripped shirt behind them.

Picture 79: Birthday Boy 1

Picture 80: Birthday Boy 2

Picture 81: Vick the drunkard. I think he had two or three shots of absinthe.

Picture 82: Snoozing Vick. Alcohol makes you sleeeeeeeepy. In case you're wondering, his shirt says, "Still haven't found what I'm looking for." Posted by Hello

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