Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Long overdue. Went for a JC classmate's surprise birthday party last month. Let me tell you, he WAS surprised. I guess few guys get big wonderful surprise birthday parties/dinners, yah? I shall keep mine low-key. AND NO KKGK.

Picture 73: Baobei and Me at the celebration of a JC classmate's surprise 21st birthday dinner.

Picture 74: All acting cute; Momok, Baobei, Me and Lufi.

Picture 75: Birthday boy on the left, getting a LIVERPOOL jersey, while the Menace presents it to him, manager-style.

Picture 76: No, we weren't drinking anything alcoholic. C'mon, we had $20 tofu for dinner. It was a health food restaurant.

Picture 77: Yay, 01S16!!! Posted by Hello

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