Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Visit to the Istana, 1st August.

Cos I'm horrendously bored and really have nothing better to do. Here are some pictures from Sunday's visit to the Istana. First time watching the Change of Guard, and finally got to see my friend who was playing in the band. Saw the MP Precision Drill people do their stuff, and I'm impressed, though some of the hand movements seemed kinda gay. I like how they twirled their rifles. So cool! Didn't manage to take pictures though, cos I was too far away. Anyway it was going to rain, and lighting was poor, and all my other pictures of the change of guard were so dark.

Okay here are some pictures of the inside of Istana. I hope I don't get into trouble for posting these pictures up. Is there any rule that forbids me too? I mean, it's just scenery, but I think those nice terrorists can make a crude map out of the photos.

If you don't see me post again, it's either I got tired of this blog, or I've been captured by the authorities and going through some brainwashing programme. I must not badmouth my country, cos my wonderful country is going to celebrate it's 39th (yes! nearly middlaged!) birthday in about a week's time. Then we will have a new Prime Minister, BG Lee "Son of Lee" Hsien Loong.

Stand up for Singapore!

Picture 31: Istana, golf couse.

Picture 32: The trees that sheltered most of the path in.

Picture 33: Some house on the hill.

Picture 34: A picture of another random house on some hill.

Picture 35: Shubbery.

Picture 36: More shubbery.

Picture 37: I found this tree very cute. It's like two tufts of leaves around a bald trunk. Okay, it IS two tufts of leaves around a bald trunk. And I wonder why people always say I state the obvious. -_-

Picture 38: One of the nicer (read: brighter) Change of Guard photos that I took. The rest are all too dark, unexposed, etc. It was going to rain too, so that added to the poor visibility. Posted by Hello

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