Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Bah... wanted to change my blog template but the menu for most of them are on the RIGHT side. I rather have it on the LEFT side. This morning I mistook my RIGHT for my LEFT. Next time learn driving sure die larh, instructor ask me to turn left and I turn right, then I hit some random motorcyclist doing his circuit (assuming the motorcyclist is male, as most motorcyclists are). Good game!

Went to the computer centre co-op whatever place outside LT26 and got my wireless thingie fixed. Well, as my friend said, "I thought your laptop got inbuild wireless, why you use the Cisco card?" I don't know. Because the person there told me to use it, because it is "more secure". So I don't know if I can use wireless out of school, since Daisy (that's my laptop) is being one cranky bitch and refusing to connect to wireless.

But I downloaded plenty of essentials into Daisy today, such as Winamp 5.0, MSN Messenger 6.2, mIRC 6.13, and other, you know, essential stuff.

And how can I forget Msg Plus! 3? Let me do a bit of promotion for it:

Improve your Messenger experience for free at www.msgplus.net

Aww isn't the banana cute.

Picture 39: Diasy, opened up. Do not be fooled, folks. Everything is white. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Do not be misled by the silver looking parts. It is WHITE. Just like an iMac.

Picture 40: Daisy closed. Look closely at the blurred words. It's Toshiba. It is not a Macintosh. Heaven forbid. Posted by Hello

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