Sunday, June 29, 2008

Melbourne Day 1

Yes, the long awaited entry.

01: 6.30am (Melbourne time) at the airport, waiting for the rest of the tour group to clear customs.

02: Something familiar.

003: My favourite food! I had Subway there, just one evening, at the outlet near my hotel. However, the guy who was serving us had a poor attitude. Maybe he wanted to go home and relax on his couch, but that didn't meant he could wrap my sandwich badly.

04: First stop on our city tour of Melbourne - St. Patrick's church. It was closed cos that day was the Queen's Birthday, which was a holiday. Too bad, I'd have liked to go in and see the interior. Heard there's pretty stained glass.

05: Closer look at the front of the church.

06: Another view of the church.

Okay, so we just took lots of pictures, breathed in the cold air, and then bundled up the bus to our next destination.

07: Fitzroy Garden. I was wondering why there were descriptions in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Not that I saw a lot of Chinese, Korean and Japanese people around Melbourne.

08: I wouldn't mind going to this park every morning for a stroll.

09: James Cook's cottage in the background.

10: And then I saw this. !!!

11: I can't resist. MUST take picture with pretty tree.

12: Leaves changing colour.

13: Another view of James Cook's cottage. Wasn't open as well.

14: My sharp eyes spotted these banners! I wish the musical would come to Singapore. )= I am a Great Fan

Didn't get down the bus after Fitzroy Garden. Was so tired, cos I didn't sleep much on the plane. I tried to sleep at 12, but it was too cramped, and I had interrupted sleep, so I got up at 2am, which also happened to be breakfast time. Hence, I just couldn't stay up anymore.

15: Passed by the Yarra River. Yes, it was rainy. It was raining on another night when I went to the Crown Casino, so I didn't get a chance to walk along it this time.

16: I thought this was a pretty strange ad. I asked a friend who lives in Melbourne about it, and I was told this was an advert for the late night trams or something. Cos after a certain hour, all trams stop running, and if you're stranded in the outskirts, there's no way you're gonna get home, cos the cabs don't travel that far out.

17: Saw this sign when walking back from the restaurant we ate at (Shark's Fin Inn - and no, we didn't eat any shark's fin. I guess it's just the name of the place). And to think that we complain parking in Singapore is expensive!

One other thing about parking in Melbourne is this: There are plenty of signs telling you that you can't park at a certain spot. However, every sign tells you that under certain exceptions, you may park there. For example, the sign will say, "No parking from 10am to 7pm | Buses parking for less than 2 hours excepted". My friend said that it makes parking in the city area very hard, cos you never know when you can park, and when you can get a ticket.

To be continued...

Someone was asking me how to pronounce a certain word, and when I was told how the majority pronounced it, I thought, It really makes no difference. Then I thought of the song, "You say to-mah-to, I say to-meh-to..." So I went to trawl Youtube and found this:

I kinda like old American movies. I started liking them after taking a film module back in NUS. Ahh, the good old days...

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Hikoto said...

Aw...cools! At least you went overseas! I sorta auto-grounded myself after what I did to the car lol.