Monday, April 14, 2008

new developments

Okay I have got exciting news, but I won't divulge it until I get things confirmed. No point getting all hyped up and then it doesn't materialise, right? But as things stand, 99% confirmed! Left that 1% possibility of hopes being dashed.

Meanwhile, I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice balance in my bank account last night. I was going to go online to check what exactly contributed to the nice balance, but was unfortunately logged out of i-banking cos the lousy website didn't accept a) my user-id; b) PIN; c) IB secure code; d) all of the above. )= I haven't been logging in for quite a while; I'm not one of those crazy people who check their bank account balance fervently everyday praying for a sudden influx of money.

Which reminds me, I still owe my mother money.

School-wise, it's a mad rush for time to complete the required syllabus before the exams. Losing two periods earlier this week due to a learning journey that the kids had to go on really pushed my plans way back. And the kids are all so busy! So Saturday lessons it is.

The five-day week is a myth.

I plan to take some time off for myself next week on one of the afternoons. The headaches are coming back, especially on really long days of talking non-stop to students who stare back at you blankly. Otherwise, they make so much noise until it gets to you. Maybe it's the air in the staffroom that's causing my headaches hmm.

Okay it's late and I must finish preparing my lessons before sleeping. Thank goodness for light Mondays!


Hikoto said...

Ever since MOE annouced the five day week bullshit, I knew it was never true coz I've seen my mum. One of teh reasons I hate teaching in sg. o.o

Jiale said...

Love reading your blog!
JIa you and press on... Remember to meet up during ur june hols yar?

baa the white sheep said...

update! :)