Saturday, January 26, 2008


School has been crazy busy! But on the bright side, we still have time to sit down and have beloved Der blow out candles on her birthday cake. Happy quarter of a century! Next year's my turn. )=

Lessons are going well, I like my kids except for a minority who still don't know the seriousness of streaming. Wake up!

I went to the library the other day, hoping that the copy of Daywatch will be on the shelves, but no! It wasn't! And I refuse to pay $1.55 to reserve a book that is supposed to be 'available'. So I'm going to try my luck on Monday.

I didn't go back to school today, so while after dinner with my parents, I was thinking, "What must I prepare for tmr?" And then it hit me that tmr's only Sunday, and today's only Saturday. )=! My mother commented, "Occupational hazard."

I went for a haircut today. =D Basically, I can't tie my hair now, cos there's not enough hair to tie. Haha! The last time I had hair this short, I was in JC. Ahh... the good ole days.

Great changes ahead, looking forward to them!

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