Monday, October 09, 2006

everybody hurts

when your day is long, and the night,
and the night is yours alone,
when you think you've had enough of this life,
hang on.

don't let yourself go,
cos everybody cries.
and everybody hurts sometimes.

Had lunch with a friend today and she said something that's really quite true. It's something that everyone should do, I believe. She said that when someone's upset, and they talk to you, they are not looking for you to tell them the truth. All they want is to hear positive things, like, it's going to be okay, you will be fine, rather than things like, you're disappointing, you need to wake up your idea.

Truth is overrated, at any rate.

Stop thinking, live your life. Find a goal, find someone to love, just forget that I ever existed. You're not irrelevant, I'm just trying to make sure you're not significant any more.

Will you let me go?

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