Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No Laptop = A Limited Life

Sigh, in case you don't know already, my precious beloved Daisy is being repaired. My harddisk died on me, and the Toshiba people are replacing the entire thing. When I called them up today, they said that the new parts haven't arrived yet. Nooo... I should have sent in my laptop sooner. )=

On the bright side, the important data has not been lost. I managed to boot up my laptop the day it died, and thank goodness for my external hdd. So now I'm on my mother's laptop waiting for my Daisy to return to me. I'm heart-broken. Bring back my Daisy to me...

These days I've been getting all kinds of bad luck. This does not bode well. For all I know, I might sprain something or injure something really bad during one of the trainings this week. Or I could get into a car accident. Or I could... Perhaps I should stop jinxing myself.

Anyway, Godspeed, this is for you because you complained about the lack of photos:

My super cute and completely adorable little sister. Wait eighteen years, k.


Anonymous said...

... I appreciate your goodwill, but eighteen years is too much even for me.


Hikoto said...


I understand...my computer's harddisk crashed recently too, for no rhyme or reason. But I knew it was gonna crash before it did, so I called the computer dude in. x.x

I now have a 160GB hard drive sitting with me here. =O

Hikoto said...

Hey Estee! Just wondering when did your A Levels take place? Nov or Dec? 1st half or 2nd half of the month?

Thanks in advance!