Friday, December 10, 2004

Kendo Camp 2004

Kendo Camp '04 01: "Let me show you how to use this microwave oven..."

Kendo Camp '04 02: "I think we need naps. zZzz..."

Kendo Camp '04 03: Caught in the act.

Kendo Camp '04 04: Waiting for dinner.

Kendo Camp '04 05: Uncle Brown Nut doing the boogie woogie.

Kendo Camp '04 06: "Let me tell you the effectiveness of Oolong Tea."

Kendo Camp '04 07: Look at the big bruise!

Kendo Camp '04 08: Enjoying a game of daidee.

Kendo Camp '04 09: Uncle Brown Nut acting camera shy while trying to be intellectual.

Kendo Camp '04 10: Kimchi mei mei acting cute again... d=

Kendo Camp '04 11: In deep thought, mentally preparing herself for the showdown with Takeuchi sensei.

Kendo Camp '04 12: "Do not mess with me, I am a Kendoka!"

Kendo Camp '04 13: NUSKK, end of 3 day camp, together with Kato sensei and Renata sensei. Posted by Hello

If you're from NUSKK, please poke me for the *.zip file that contains many scandalous pictures. =D

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