Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Big Two Oh.

Picture 43: The desserts at Sakae are really really really nice... The one on the left is a fruit sponge cake of sorts, and the one on the right is sinful sinful chocolate.

Picture 44: That is the chirasai don. Did I spell it correctly? I realised that I can stomach lots and lots of raw stuff without feeling queasy, cos Baobei and Darling gave up after a few pieces of salmon sushi.

Picture 45: Sushi zipping by on the conveyor belt @ Bugis Junction Sakae Sushi.

Picture 46: Our shadows. Guess which one is me!!!

Picture 47: Another picture of my 'cake'. I think the Sakae staff were tempted to throw us out when we started to light the candles. Then Baobei and Darling started to sing the birthday song loudly. *cringe* So paiseh.

Picture 48: Dividing out the chocolate cake. We make full use of resources available, yes we do.

Picture 49: Why do people like to take full body shots? Posted by Hello

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